Roster of Oregon Symphony Players

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* = acting
+ = on leave
~ = fixed seating
Section strings are listed in alphabetical order.
Instrument Name, Title Position endowed by
Bassoon Carin Miller Packwood, Principal Bassoon  
  Evan Kuhlmann, Assistant Principal Bassoon & Contrabassoon  
  Adam Trussell, 2nd Bassoon  
Cello Nancy Ives, Principal Cello Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Hayes, Jr.
  Marilyn de Oliveira, Assistant Principal Cello  
  Gayle Budd O'Grady  
  Kenneth Finch  
  Trevor Fitzpatrick  
  Antoinette Gan  
  Kevin Kunkel  
Clarinet James Shields, Principal Clarinet  
  Todd Kuhns, Assistant Principal Clarinet, E-Flat Clarinet and Bass Clarinet  
  Mark Dubac, 2nd Clarinet  
Contrabass John McCullough-Benner, Principal Bass  
  Edward Botsford+  
  Nina DeCesare  
  Donald Hermanns  
  Jeffrey Johnson  
  Christopher Kim*  
  Jason Schooler  
Flute Martha Long, Principal Flute Bruce & Judy Thesenga
  Alicia DiDonato Paulsen, Assistant Principal Flute Martha Herby Memorial Chair
  Zachariah Galatis, 3rd Flute and Piccolo  
Harp Jennifer Craig, Principal Harp  
Horn John Cox, Principal Horn  
  Joseph Berger, Associate Principal Horn  
  Graham Kingsbury, Assistant Principal and Utility Horn  
  Mary Grant, 2nd Horn  
  Alicia Waite, 4th Horn  
Keyboard unfilled  
Oboe Martin Hebert, Principal Oboe  
  Karen Wagner, Assistant Principal Oboe  
  Kyle Mustain, Oboe and English Horn  
Percussion Niel DePonte, Principal Percussion  
  Sergio Carreno  
  Michael Roberts  
Timpani Jon Greeney, Principal Timpani  
Trumpet Jeffrey Work, Principal Trumpet  
  David Bamonte, Assistant Principal Trumpet Musicians of the Oregon Symphony
in memory of Richard Thornburg
  Doug Reneau
Trombone Daniel Cloutier*, Acting Principal Trombone  
Trombone Aaron LaVere+, Principal Trombone  
  Robert Taylor, Assistant Principal Trombone  
  Charles Reneau, Bass Trombone  
Tuba Ja’Ttik Clark, Principal Tuba  
Viola Joel Belgique, Principal Viola Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
  Charles Noble, Assistant Principal Viola  
  Jennifer Arnold+  
  Silu Fei  
  Leah Ilem  
  Ningnign Jin  
  Brian Quincey  
  Viorel Russo  
  Martha Warrington+  
Violin Sarah Kwak, Concertmaster Janet and Richard Geary
  Peter Frajola, Associate Concertmaster Del M. Smith & Maria Stanley Smith
  Andrea Erin Furbee,+ Assistant Concertmaster Harold & Jane Pollin
  Chien Tan, Principal Violin II Truman Collins, Sr.
  Ines Voglar, Assistant Principal Violin II  
  Fumino Ando  
  Keiko Araki  
  Clarisse Atcherson  
  Ron Blessinger  
  Ruby Chen  
  Emily Cole  
  Julie Coleman  
  Dolores D'Aigle  
  Eileen Deiss~  
  Lisbeth Dreier  
  Jonathan Dubay  
  Gregory Ewer  
  Daniel Ge Feng  
  Lynne Finch  
  Laura Ha  
  Shin-young Kwon  
  Ryan Lee  
  Samuel Park  
  Vali Phillips  
  Deborah Singer  
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