Peter Frajola, Associate Concertmaster

Peter Frajola

“I got it from both sides,” he says, referring to where he developed his talent. His mother, Leah, gave violin lessons, and his father, also named Peter, taught violin at school, so young Peter had lessons with both daily.

In high school, Peter began to truly appreciate playing the violin. His desire led to a Ruth Close Scholarship to attend the University of Oregon, and then a Murdock Scholarship for the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, from which he received his bachelor’s degree.

After graduating, Peter played in the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and other local orchestras, and eventually became Acting Assistant Concertmaster of the Louisville Orchestra and the Co-Concertmaster of the Knoxville Symphony, before winning the Assistant Concertmaster position with the Oregon Symphony in 1984. “It was wonderful to be able to come back home and perform in the symphony I grew up with,” says Peter.

Peter enjoys solo literature for the violin. One arena in which he shows this is through performances in local schools, where he inspires music students and keeps tabs on future symphony recruits. Some of this is done through Young Audiences, and some is his personal endeavor. Peter is also a frequent soloist with the Oregon Symphony. Outside of music, Peter enjoys running, weightlifting, and racquetball.

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