Lisbeth Dreier, Violin

Lisbeth Dreier

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, violinist Lisbeth Dreier has established an active and varied career. She is pleased to join the Oregon Symphony for the 2016/17 season.

A member of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra for four years, Lisbeth served as both a section player and acting assistant principal second violin. Before that, she lived in Manhattan, where she performed throughout the tri-state area and toured as concertmaster with the North American production of “Wonderful Town.” Lisbeth has also appeared as a soloist with several orchestras, including the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra.

In past summers, Lisbeth has participated in the Aspen Music Festival, Casalmaggiore International Music Festival, Magic Mountain Music Farm, Oregon Bach Festival, Texas Music Festival, and the AIMS Festival (Austria).

Lisbeth returned to Portland in 2011 to join the Oregon Symphony as an acting member, and has frequently performed with the orchestra since then. She currently serves on the faculty of the Rose City Music Academy, maintains a private teaching studio, plays Argentine tango music with the Alex Krebs Sextet, and holds a position with the Oregon Ballet Theatre orchestra.

Lisbeth is a graduate of the Catlin Gabel School and earned both her undergraduate and graduate music degrees from the Manhattan School of Music.

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