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Affiliated Organizations

Oregon Symphony Association. Tickets and schedule information for Classical, Pops, Kids Concerts and special performances.
American Federation of Musicians. The international union for musicians in North America. All Oregon Symphony musicians are members of the AF of M.
Local 99. The local office of the American Federation of Musicians.
International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians. The Oregon Symphony is one of 51 member orchestras.
AFL-CIO. The American Federation of Musicians affiliate.
Oregon AFL-CIO. A good source of information that relates to workers in Oregon.
Oregon Symphony Musician Websites
DigitalPDX. Web design by Martha Warrington.
Niel DePonte Offical Website. Percussionist, conductor, Grammy Award nominee.
Charles Noble Offical Website. Photography and performance information. A violin teaching website.Jonathan Dubay.
Ensembles That Feature Oregon Symphony Musicians
Melegari Chamber Players. Live music for every occasion. Keiko Araki, Ines Voglar, Joel Belgique, Charles Noble, Adam Esbensen, Karen Wagner and Aaron LaVere.
FearNoMusic. A new music ensemble. Joel Belgique, Adam Esbensen, Erin Furbee and Ines Voglar.
The Four Violas. A viola quartet that demands respect. Joel Belgique, Charles Noble and Brian Quincey.
Grand Teton Music Festival. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Grant Park Music Festival. Chicago, Illinois.
Metro Arts, Inc. Niel DePonte, President.
Halcyon Strings. Small ensembles for special events. Keiko Araki.
Oregon Bach Festival. Eugene, Oregon.
Oregon Ballet Theater. Niel DePonte, Music Director.
Third Angle New Music Ensemble. Portland, Oregon. Ron Blessinger
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