Orchestras Feeding America

Come to a concert, feed your soul and your fellow Oregonians. Bring three cans of food to your next Oregon Symphony concert to support your local food bank.

During March and early April 2009, Oregon Symphony musicians are joining orchestras across America in a national food bank drive called Orchestras Feeding America. This venture is a joint project between the League of American Orchestras and Feeding America, the country’s largest food bank network. The project is endorsed by the President’s Council on National and Community Service, and also carries the full endorsement of the governing board of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians.

Oregon Symphony musicians, in support of this national drive, which will directly serve the Oregon Food Bank, have joined over 200 orchestras in 49 states in this important project. We’re set on collecting one million pounds of food.

This project is inspired by the soon-to-be-released film The Soloist, staring Jamie Foxx, based on the book of the same title about Nathaniel Ayers, a Juilliard-trained musician who became homeless in Los Angeles due to schizophrenia.

You can be part of this national food drive by bringing three cans of food to your next Oregon Symphony concert. You can also help by donating funds in the name of “Oregon Symphony Musicians Feeding America” at www.oregonfoodbank.org or by calling 503-282-0555.

Read more for requested foods and other details.

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