Sound Thinking

Musicians are in the business of sound — sound that moves us and may even changes us. Here’s what some of the orchestra members of the Oregon Symphony answered when asked, “Is there a piece of music that changed your life?”

David Socolovsky, Cello
Richard Strauss tone poems, played under Dr. Richard Lert, a protégé of Wilhelm Furtwangler.

Todd Kuhns, Bass Clarinet
Franz Schubert, Octet

Jonathan Dubay, Violin
Igor Stravinsky, Rite of Spring. This was the first score I owned as a Freshman in high school. But there have been many other life-changing pieces, as playing the violin has allowed me to have thoughts and feel emotions that I would not have experienced otherwise.

Julie Coleman, Violin
Oliver Messiaen, Quartet for the End of Time — a live performance that left me breathless.

JaTtik Clark, Principal Tuba
Anton Bruckner, Symphony No. 8, performed by the Chicago Symphony under Sir George Solti.

Charles Noble, Assistant Principal Viola
Richard Strauss, Don Juan has scarred me for life!

Ines Voglar, Violin
Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 1, performed live by the Boston Sympohny on tour to Venezuela.

Sarah Roth, Violin
Johannes Brahms, Symphony No. 4, which I played in youth orchestra.

Stephen Price, Viola
Leos Janacek, Sinfonietta

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