Kudos from Guest Artists

“Working with the Oregon Symphony has been an absolute joy, as if being in Portland wasn't pleasant enough...”
Edgar Meyer

“The orchestra has a lot of passion and beautiful style and sound. I really enjoyed every second of working with you. Bravo Oregon Symphony.”
Lang Lang

“I had such a great time! Carols and the orchestra are fabulous.”
Patricia Risley

“No words of gratitude can adequately convey how thrilled I was with your performances of my twelfth symphony...Thank you for bringing the music to life through the beauty and spiritual power of your playing which illuminated all three performances in a vivid and dramatic way...Your final program of the season not only confirmed, but surpassed, all of my hopes and expectations.”
Robert Kyr, composer

“To the Oregon Symphony: It was such a pleasure to go on this new, amazing journey of Paul Hindemith--the Deutche ‘Rock Show’.”
Leila Josefowicz on her first performance of the Hindemith Violin Concerto

“How grateful I am to the Oregon Symphony for its inspiration, penache, responsiveness and the joy of music making it so expertly conveys.”
Robert Levin

“To the fabulous Oregon Symphony -- Thank you for such a wonderful Szymanowski experience!”
Jennifer Koh

“The Oregon Symphony has the rare combination of being a world class orchestra and understanding jazz on a high level — it's fun to be home.”
Chris Botti

“Where is music made? A question worthy of many answers. To me, between one note and the next — in that finite/infinite space of time/untime — lies the core of music making. Thank you for filling the spaces with your souls.”
Stefan Solyom

“Being effectively given the chance to ’learn‘ the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 with such a fine, sensitive & musical orchestra as the Oregon Symphony and to have it conducted by a true friend Carlos was like a dream come true...I shall never forget these concerts!”
Freddy Kempf

“This past week of work with all of you in the Oregon Symphony as we brought my Sinfonia romanza to life was a deeply exhilarating and satisfying musical experience. Your artistry and technical accomplishments along with your dedication to a demanding new score, led to performances that grew each night in confidence, conviction and beauty. You are inspiring, sensitive and thoughtful collaborators! Thank you. ”
John Peel, composer

“You have allowed me to stand, even if for only a moment, side by side with the musicians I revered while growing up in Portland and the very orchestra that lured me into the world (and safe haven) known as orchestral music. To all of you who spend enormous amounts of energy in your occupation, with the sole purpose of enriching the lives of this community through music, I say wow! Thank you!”
Kevin Walczyk, composer

“I had a wonderful week playing Mozart recently with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. From the time I heard the opening tutti in the first rehearsal to the final concert in Salem I was surprised, delighted, invigorated, touched and inspired by their wonderful, fresh playing.”
Stephen Hough

“It's a pleasure to work with an orchestra where every performace counts!”
Michael Christie

“Great orchestra . . . wonderful people . . . exciting city . . . I can’t wait to come back.”
Jeff Tyzik

“What a pleasure it has been to spend two weeks with the wonderful Portland (Oregon) orchestra.”
Yakov Kreitzberg

“Working with the wonderful musicians of the Oregon Symphony was one of the highlights of my 2004 season! They’re flexible, open-minded, and above all, they like what they do! Can’t wait for my next visit to Portland!”
Bernard Labadie

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